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GridSquare® has been the key manufacturer, supplier and installation service provider of Wall Paneling & False Ceiling and custom ceiling solutions to the construction companies, contractors and government agencies. Our effort is directed towards sourcing & manufacturing in order to bring the most reliable and breakthrough products to our customers.

Our products cover an array of contract solutions, including innovative systems for acoustical and False Ceiling and Wall Paneling. We are continually testing, seeking & customising new concepts and products that enable us to meet ever-more-demanding standards of performance.

We work with architects, designers and builders to manage light, heat and acoustics, from specification to supply. GridSquare's commitment to sustainability and responsible delivery is evidenced by our continuous approach towards environmental concerns, supply chain management & customer satisfaction goals.

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High-quality Material

GridSquare® False Ceiling and Wall Paneling are manufactured from high-grade steel or aluminium alloy to offer our clients greater design flexibility. To ensure the highest quality, our steel ceilings are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanised steel and to achieve a yield strength 120 g/m2 of zinc coating in accordance with BIS standard IS:6745 is applied to our steel to enhance its rust resistance, and zero spangle steel is chosen for a high quality finish. Our aluminium ceilings are fabricated from high-quality aluminium alloy.

Attractive Finish

GridSquare® False Ceiling and Wall Paneling panels are coated with electrostatic polyester powder in accordance with BIS standard IS:6012 to achieve a desirable average gloss level of 16-20%. The coating is 60-80 microns thin for a precise and high-quality finish.

Quiet and Cool

GridSquare® offers a wide variety of perforated panels to help our clients achieve optimal sound absorption and airflow for different room areas. Our perforated panels are padded with superior quality black glass fibre acoustic fleece to achieve a NRC≥0.5 as per IS:8225 which has been accredited by Central Govt. lab, which contributes to excellent sound absorption qualities.

Tested Fire Resistance Material

All of us who enters any building have a right to expect that we will be safely protected should a fire break out. Sadly, this is not always the case. Any material used in the building may fail and tragedy occurs, causing death or serious injury. Ceiling System is an important part of the building and it has to be fire resistant. Our Ceiling System Products are fire resistant and complied with the requirements of BS 476: Part 4,20 & 22, making them the best choice for your house or commercial space.

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