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Wooden Perforated Wall Panel System

Wooden Perforated Wall Panel System

GRIDSQUARE® woodworks wall panel system are quick to install and easy to maintain. Wall systems are a smart investment in productivity. In fact, in many environments speech privacy has become a mandate. Wall system available in a variety of wood species, stains, sizes, and perforation options. Perforated panel with backing improves sound quality and reduces reverberation time within a space.

Standard Size (mm)

Standard Size Thickness
2400 X 192mm 15mm, 16mm
2400 X132 15mm, 16mm


Wooden Wall Panel can be easily installed by mounting on splines of Wooden/GI fixed at the spacing of 300mm/600mm center to center and made of aluminium extruded channel (keel) with the help of clips.

Design Consideration

5-6 cartons should be opened on site and mixed together before installation. They should be arranged aesthetically with regards to the shades and grains.

Application Consideration

Relative humidity between 25% and 55% and temperatures between 50˚F and 86˚F must be maintained throughout the life of the product.