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Lay-in System

Lay-in System

One of the most convenient ceiling systems in the market, GridSquare® Lay-in Metal Ceilings are quick to install and easy to maintain, and provide direct accessibility to above-ceiling systems. They are compatible with solid, perforated and mesh panels.

GridSquare® exposed grid lay-in ceiling systems involve minimal tile face coverage by the supporting exposed grid.

Our Lay-in tiles are used with exposed grid table usually 24/15mm wide. These can be supplied in a range of standard sizes mentioned here or tailor made to suit a particular application.

We recommend that the supported edges of the tile are perforated and the un-supported edges have plain borders for the application of GridSquare® perforated tiles. This method ensures the appearance of a plain border edged tiled ceiling with the exposed table grid providing the border on the supported edges.

The grid is supported by hangers at 1200mm maximum centres in both directions.


SS, GI & Aluminium
Standard Size* Bevel Edge Square Edge Thickness
600 x 600 mm Yes Yes 0.5 mm
600 x 1200 mm No Yes 0.6/0.7 mm

* Other dimensions available on request.

DSR Approved


  • Clean, modular ceiling
  • Easy lift-up access to void
  • Stability of interlocking exposed grid
  • Modular Integration of Lights and grilles


  • Easy installation, maintenance and accessibility
  • Simple to use and economical


  • Airport
  • Cinema
  • Exhibition Centre
  • Hotel
  • Office Area
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Mall
  • Supermarket
  • Theater