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Modular OT'S, Clean Rooms and CSSD's Wall Panel System

Modular OT’S, Clean Rooms and CSSD’s Wall Panel System

GRIDSQUARE Wall Panels for cleanroom are highly advanced sandwich panels using a core material of rockwool as insulating core material. The Antibacterial powder coat /powder coating over the Stainless Steel /Aluminium/GI with Rockwool/Glasswool/Polyurethane core to form a high performance with all features needed for Modular OT’S, Clean Rooms and CSSD’s.

Standard Size (mm)

Standard Size Thickness
1250 X 2950mm 50-60mm

Green Performance

- Low Carbon Footprints as all raw material procurement and manufacturing is done locally. - Perpetually recyclable material used
- GRIHA V. 2019 criterion: 11;GRIHA V.2015 criterion: 11;& GRIHA V.3 criterion: 29


Each Panel is sealed from all four side with extruded Aluminium profile, designed to create the structure and complete closure of the internal insulation.

Panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally but vertical installation is most practical and recommended solution for high wall. Wall panels are erected in U-channel base runner at bottom.